WordCamp Ahmedabad 2018 Experience

We owe a lot to Ahmedabad, in our growth story. So, it’s natural for us to look forward to and be excited about WordCamp Ahmedabad. Just like the past year, more than a dozen of us attended the event.

Here are some memories from the recently concluded, second edition of WordCamp Ahmedabad!

Reaching the destination

As rtCamp is almost a half-remote organization, attending any WordCamp requires traveling for quite a few of us. For WordCamp Ahmedabad, we had some rtCampers based in and around Ahmedabad, while the others had to take a train ride, all the way from Pune. 🚃


The Night Before

The night before the event, a few of us attended the sponsors’ dinner at the Grand Thakar. This event kicked off with a round of short introductions from all the organizers, followed by an introduction of each and every individual, within the audience. Rakshit, from our team, did the honors here and introduced us to everyone, at the event. We felt that that the sponsors’ dinner was a great way of promoting networking within the community. We relished the food that Grand Thakar had to offer and spent the rest of the evening getting to know our fellow sponsors and learning about their trade.

At the WordCamp Itself

One of our team members, Nirmal Desai, was a volunteer at the event and helped conduct the post-lunch quiz session. Post lunch sessions usually feel dull and boring but the topic of the quiz was an interesting one for the audience, therefore, their involvement was lively! The questions revolved around ‘the inception of the WordPress Ahmedabad local meet-up community’ and even though it was quite a difficult quiz, the attendees were able to quickly locate the answers on

Giving Back to the Community

We were proud to sponsor WordCamp Ahmedabad, once again. During the course of the event, about 15 of us interacted with over 200 WordCampers. Our sponsor’s booth was brimming with people approaching us to seek help with WordPress queries, EasyEngine discussions and feedbacks, job enquiries and some of our old friends just dropping by to say hello! Since our sponsor’s booth was located right next to the Happiness Bar, we were also able to help out many people awaiting their turns to get their questions answered.


Having fun!

Except for work, it’s unlikely that rtCampers take other things seriously. As evident below, they had their share of fun at props counter!


Kudos to the WordCamp Organisers 👏

We were delighted at how well this event was prepared for and how smoothly the proceedings were carried out. The volunteers were helpful and approachable, the food at the event was decent and had so much variety, the equipment used within the premises was quality which kept the technical obstacles at bay. The whole event was a very positive experience and we thank the organizers for taking good care of all the attending WordCampers 👏 😊

Meeting the Next Generation

Before departing from Ahmedabad, we took this opportunity to meet up and host nine students from the same area, who will be joining our January 2019 training batch. 

Every year, we train more than a dozen folks who have no experience or minimal experience with WordPress –  during the six month training program at our office, in Pune. This is the only aspect that is not yet available, remotely and that is because the training is intense and requires everyone to participate in person.

The good part is that this is a paid training programme, therefore, relocation shouldn’t be a problem. By the way, Pune recently ranked #1 in the “ease of living” factor, as per the Government’s official survey!

If you are a student, a fresher, a dropout, or even a working pro who would like to be a real WordPress expert, you can checkout our engineering openings.

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