Kochi (Cochin) is known for its rich culture and hospitality, which reflects in their WordCamp logo. You’d be pleased to know that Kochi’s international airport is the world’s first airport to be powered by solar energy, completely!

Day 0 – The Prep

Ahmedabad to Kochi was a lengthy, one-stop journey. After a short nap on arrival, I decided to catch up with the organizers, at the venue. I spent my evening with them, in order to finalize our preparations for the main event. It was really inspiring to work with their energetic team as they were so enthusiastic to deliver an impactful experience, for all the WordCamp attendees!

An evening in Kochi, is only complete with a meal at Pai Dosa. I headed there for dinner and was spoilt for choice, therefore, I strongly recommend this place to anyone visiting Kochi! 🍴

Organisers & Volunteers @ WCKochi
Organisers & Volunteers @ WCKochi

Dinner @ Pai Dosa with WC Kochi Team
Dinner @ Pai Dosa with WC Kochi Team

Day 1 – The Main Event

Early into the day, I set up our sponsor’s desk first. I then attended a quick networking session, over breakfast, with all the WordCampers. It was delighting to see WordCamp Kochi’s efforts to go green – LEDs and materials were used, instead of the high energy consuming & non-bio stuff! 🙇

The organising team worked really hard to put together this WordCamp, kudos to their hard work and hospitality. Commendable support was offered by all the Volunteers, too! 🙏

I spoke about “WordPress for Enterprise Publishers” – something that we, at rtCamp, have years of experience with. The slides, from our session that I presented, are available here. I will share a link of our session too, as soon as it is up, on WordPress.tv. Do check back in a few days! 🔜

The overall experience of WordCamp Kochi was a pleasant and memorable one, for me. I left Kochi, having made a bunch of new friends.

Wish to be part of engaging events like this one 😉 We’re hiring. 👋

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