Over the weekend, many rtCampers attended WordCamp Mumbai 2016. Every WordCamp is unique and fun and this one was no different.

WordCamp Mumbai had many interesting speakers and one of them was Rahul, our CEO. He spoke on “Scaling WooCommerce for high transaction stores“.


Below are his slides from the talk and link to Window Shopping Technique codes.

Getting involved!

WordCamp Mumbai 2016 had your’s truly as a co-organiser, we had Rahul Bansal the CEO as a speaker and as a company we also loved being sponsors at the event.

As sponsors we had a nice desk where we could speak to people interested in the WordPress ecosystem and opportunities in India.

Rahul’s son Raj, was probably the youngest attendee at WordCamp Mumbai ever. He is less than two but he was really a lot less cranky and more attentive than many grownups.


At the selfie booth, some rtCampers let their hair down and had posed for some fun pics.

Pradeep Sonawane and Nitun Lanjewar

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