WordPress 5.4 is here with new features, optimizations and of course, Gutenberg blocks. Our kudos to Abhijit for his contribution to WP 5.4 🎉

This is WordPress’ 38th major release, which means that rtCampers have now contributed to half of all major releases.

Among the additions to WordPress 5.4 are two new hooks that let developers add custom fields to menu items. We used this new capability in one of our under-development projects to achieve what we call Mega Menu functionality🤘

In other words, users are able to add images, shortcodes or custom HTML markup to WordPress menu items right from the core menu management interface under “Appearance -> Menus”.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re releasing this functionality as a standalone WordPress plugin called WP Menu Custom Fields. Have a look:

WP Menu Custom Fields interface demo.

While WordPress plugins to accomplish similar functionality already exist, we found them to be too bloated for our specific needs. We’d rather build something quick & easy than spend a bunch of time code-reviewing 🤷‍♂️

Also, we would have ideally liked to use Gutenberg’s upcoming navigation feature, but the one that shipped with 7.0 wasn’t adequate for our needs.

Go take a look at WP Menu Custom Fields in the WordPress.org plugin repo and tell us what you think!

Links: WordPress 5.4 Release Post | Download WP Menu Custom Fields Plugin


  1. I read your release on Twitter after watching the WooCommerce Cart/Checkout React demo at YouTube last night. Then I was totally blown away by the newsletter block implementation which I am determined to find a solution! So as I circle back to this, I use MegaMenu for bootstrap and my question is how do you see porting this plugin to the menu block when it is ready?

    1. Hi Jake,

      Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter & YouTube and dropping by. 🙂

      The plugin we released here is basically user interface built on top of WordPress 5.4. It’s highly likely that when Gutenberg’s new navigation feature is ready, alongwith other core menu feature, custom fields will be automatically ported.

      Most likely, this and many other mega menu plugins won’t be needed when navigation feature becomes ready.

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