The WP-CLI team recently release v2 which is a major refactoring of the project! You can read about the changes in the official blog post here.

We use WP-CLI for every WordPress re-platforming project. We can’t imagine migrating our clients from other CMS to WordPress without WP-CLI.

This release is critical for our EasyEngine project. We are refactoring EasyEngine to base it on WP-CLI codebase. EasyEngine v4 is currently in beta. So the release timing will allow us to take good part from the WP-CLI v2 as we progress towards EasyEngine v4 stable release.

We are proud to have some rtCampers – Abhijit, Daniel, Kirtan, Sagar, and Thrijith, contribute to the latest WP-CLI v2 release.

We thank all contributors for their awesome work! 🙏

Cake Picture of WP CLI
The celebration cake 🎂 😋
L-R: Abhijit, Thrijith & Kirtan. Some contributors are remote! 🎉

Link: WP-CLI v2