In this tutorial we will show you how to configure CDN on with W3 TOTAL CACHE.

Configuring CDN with CDN77 on your WordPress is really easy with some simple steps:
  1. Go to and login there.
  2. Under CDN tab click on New CDN Resource.add-new-cdn
  3. Under Original section,  enter your hostname where you want to configure CDN.
  4. Under CNAMEs section, enter CDN hostname e.g. (You can choose any name of your choice).create-cdn
  5. Again go to CDN tab, you can see newly created  CDN there, click on manage button.
  6. Go to Instructions tab and copy CNAME Record for DNS Settings, your host will be
  7. Go to domain registration account where your website is registered (We are taking example of GODADDY).
  8. Go to DNS Zone file, click on Edit button.edit-dns
  9. Under CNAME section click on Quick Edit.
  10. Add cdn hostname under Host Section and add CNAME Record (that you copied while creating CDN) under Points to Section.add-cname
  11. Now go to your WordPress Website’s admin page and then go to W3 TOTAL CACHE General Settings.
  12. Under CDN Section Click on Enable checkbox and set CDN Type to Generic Mirror.cdn-settings
  13. Now Go to Performance > CDN and add your CDN Hostname there.w3-total-cache-add-cdn
  14. Click on Save settings.

Now you have configured CDN on CDN.NET with W3 Total Cache.


  1. Hello!

    Can you please tell me which CDN good for 1TB annual bandwidth site which has many Asian and USA traffic? CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Amazon, CDN 77 or Some people says that cf is not a true CDN provider.

    1. has lowest pricing for a location in Asia.

      As of now, we are using a Singapore location for USD 34 per TB. Most other CDN provider charges above USD 100 per TB for Asian location. has kind of per city price rather than per region price.

      For example, I choose Singapore in Asia as it is very cheap compared to other cities they have listed.

  2. Thanks Rahul. I think Singapore location cost is $49.13 not the 34. I was thinking to go for cdnsun because of their Indian PoP, but they’re prices is too much. I agree with you prices are cheap. Again thanks Rahul.

    1. On, I am paying USD 34 per TB only. For rest of the world, I am paying lesser.

      You can check attachment below. 😉

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