List Mailboxes Storage and Passwords

List Mailboxes and Size

You can find list of mailboxes and space taken by each of them using following command/script (source):

 if [ -d /var/qmail/mailnames ]; then echo -ne "\n\n=== MAILBOXES ===\n"; cd /var/qmail/mailnames && TMB=$(du -ks */* 2>/dev/null | sort -nr | cut -f2); if [ -n "$TMB" ]; then echo "$TMB" | xargs du -sh; fi; echo "[`find . -mindepth 2 -maxdepth 2 -type d | wc -l` Mailboxes - Total `du -hs | cut -f1`]"; fi;

It will generate output like:

[2 Mailboxes - Total 3.9M]

List Mailboxes and Passwords

Plesk has builtin command for this. Simply run:


And you will see something like:

+------------------ ---+-----+---------------+
|       address        |flags|   password    |
|   |     |     hello     |
|    |     |     world     |
	A - account disabled
	D - domain disabled
	E - password encrypted

Mail Queue

Pleak has another built-in command to inspect mailqueue.

Running /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/mailqueuemng will show useful help about different parameters.


Check this for awesome collection of Plesk commands and cheats.


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