15 years of Good Work


Last week, rtCamp turned 15. In many ways, surreal.

rtCamp started because we loved blogging, and saw potential in WordPress. From a small team, working out of an apartment, we’ve now grown into more than 180 strong, globally recognized enterprise WordPress agency with offices in the United States and India!

Without being overbearing, I just want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who’s been a part of this incredible journey.

To the WordPress community, for embracing us when we were still young and raw. To WordPress VIP, for having faith in us to deliver enterprise-grade WordPress solutions when we did not have much history to back it up. To our clients, for continuing to trust us to design and build their global shop, office, and logistics on the internet, a.k.a. web solutions. And last but most importantly, to our past and present employees who continue to put in their hard work day-in and day-out, to deliver Good Work.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. It is perhaps to remind us, that we all stand on the shoulders of giants. And one can never take full credit for our successes.

rtCampers celebrated the milestone with rtParty, our annual retreat — a 3-day bash, with a private water park, great food, plenty of fun games, a live Townhall, and some lightning talks by our clients, well-wishers and rtCampers. 

With our growing team, expected to be 300 strong next year, organizing such retreats is an ongoing challenge. No wonder, our HR & admin teams have already begun preparing for next year’s rtParty.

One more thing! 🤠
The header image in this post is a sneak peek at our new upcoming look. Do let us know what you think. 🙂

In many ways, we are just getting started. Here’s to 15 years of success, and to many more to come! 🚀

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