BuddyPress-Media 2.11 with better support for disabled Activity Stream

Today we released BuddyPress Media 2.11 that takes care of a long standing issue with sites that don’t use the Activity  component.

BuddyPress Media and Activity component

A lot of functionality and features of BuddyPress Media is tightly integrated and heavily dependant on the activity component of BuddyPress. So, the meta buttons that exist for each media (favourite, delete, etc), are actually from an associated activity. The comments are actually comments on the activity. So, if the activity component was disabled on a site, none of this functionality would work, nor would any of the buttons show up.

Decoupling BuddyPress Media from activities


With 2.11, we removed some more of the dependence on the activity component. BuddyPress Media 2.11 onwards, users can download, edit, set media as album cover and delete media even when the activity component is disabled. Although commenting is still dependent on the activity component, we are exploring alternatives so even this can work in the absence of activities.

Fixing comment posting

The comment posting form on the lightbox was having a few glitches and sometimes, a user wasn’t able to post a comment. This would happen if the lightbox was called on the activity stream. This also has been fixed with this version.

Links: BuddyPress Media | Demo

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