BuddyPress Media Component for BuddyPress 1.2 – with new home!

Important: There is a major update. Please check the updated BuddyPress-Media here.

Dear BuddyPress Community:

We are excited to launch new version of BuddyPress Media Component which is compatible with latest BuddyPress version 1.2.x and WordPress MU version 2.9.1 or higher.

We previously released BuddyPress Media Component versions for BuddyPress versions 1.0.x and 1.1.x. We will be still keeping them in community for downloads but active development for older release has been stopped.

This only means, if you are planning to use BuddyPress afresh, start with a newer version. If you are already on some older version of BuddyPress, upgrade as soon as possible.


In this release we have added number of features and some of them are listed below:

  1. You can upload any type of media – photos, videos & audio files from your PC
  2. You can upload your photos from flickr directly
  3. You can record & upload live webcam videos directly
  4. You can share media content with on your favorite social networks
  5. You can email any media content directly from site
  6. You can get embed codes to post media content on any webpage/blog more like YouTube
  7. You can rate media as you like them.
  8. You can edit name & description of your media content inline. This saves a lot of your time, giving you more time to keep your media library organized

Upcoming Features…

Apart from what we have achieved, below are features that will be released soon.

  1. Privacy controls so that you will be able to decide who sees what. Much like facebook!
  2. Album support so that you can keep media content more organized
  3. Activity stream integration i.e. Commenting on photo
  4. Photo tagging
  5. Abuse reporting and moderation
  6. Support for YouTube


You can watch following screencast which will give you video tour of features of this component along how to configure it.

Do let us know, how we can improve this component further with your valuable suggestions and feedback!

Links: BuddyPress Media Component | Download | FAQ


  1. James Avatar

    Thanks for a great plugin, works really well. One questions, how can I enable recording & uploading of live webcam videos?

    1. Nitun Lanjewar Avatar

      Please use our support forum, so you can discuss your questions with our technical team.

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