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Back in 2013, Ahon Shaw the co-founder of approached us to help him setup a Nginx server.

News & Market is a website that was established in Taiwan back in 2011. It’s one of the first websites in Taiwan that devotes itself to reporting issues on agriculture, food and the environment. Secondly, the team promotes environmental-friendly products via their e-commerce shop.

Ahon approached us with some issues around the website.

Some of the challenges were:

  1. Whenever a product was updated from the backend, it used to take more than 1 minute and in some cases PHP used to crash.
  2. WordPress, WooCommerce and many plugins were not updated since a long time. There were 150+ plugins in total and everything had to be tested with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.
  3. As we wanted to use PHP7, so to avoid compatibility issues, it was critical to update all plugins.
  4. WooCommerce store receives order around the clock. So migrating a store without downtime was critical.

Today the online shop has around 550+ products and more than 50,000 orders which are handled easily.We solved the problems in four stages.

You can read the complete case study and find out how we went about using EasyEngine and WooCommerce for News and Market.

Links: Case Study – News & Market | News & Market


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