2013 – A Year In Review

2013-Roundup2013 has been a monumental year for rtCamp; with contributions to three WordPress Core releases, launching new products and delivering excellent results to our clients.

Below is a roundup of what we have achieved this year, followed by what we are poised to deliver in 2014.

WordPress Core Contribution

wordpress This was the moment we waited for since rtCamp began as a WordPress company. Giving back something to the community is always very exciting and humbling.

It started with a contribution to BuddyPress 1.8 released in July by Saurabh Shukla, followed by Faishal Syed’s contributions to WordPress 3.6 and WordPress 3.7. The year got a fitting finale with a fourth successful contribution, this time by Joshua Abenazer to WordPress 3.8, released in December. Four official patches accepted in span of 6 months. That was phenomenal.

Premium Products

For our products, 2013 started with lot of promise. Our product teams continued with a roadmap with a strive to deliver new solutions and adding value to all the current products.

rtMedia & Premium Addons


rtMedia Project dominated our time and focus this year with 3784 GitHub commits, 105 major and minor releases, 100K Downloads and fantastic premium add-ons.

rtMedia-PRO became our first decently profitable product, allowing us to assign a dedicated developer team for rtMedia Project.

Links: rtMedia Project |rtMedia-PRO

Easyengine (EE)

easy-engine-logo-2-RS1 In 2013 Nginx finally made it to the top. It is now the #1 webserver among top 1000 sites.

Our wordpress-nginx tutorials already contributes for more than 50% of the traffic to our site. They also helped us get a lot many projects. Over the time we built some scripts to manage wordpress-nginx sites efficiently which was later transformed into easyengine project.

This is now rtCamp’s most watched project and we are raring to go ahead with monthly releases throughout next year.

Link: EasyEngine

activeCollab Gitolite Module

ac_gitolite21 ActiveCollab-Gitolite module was created as a solution to manage our own git repos, SSH Keys, Read/Write access-level right within activeCollab.

Over time we added remote gitolite support, webhook support and clone remote repository were added with ongoing updates.

Though this was not first activeCollab module we have created, it turned out to be so much nicer that we decided to release it as a premium product. It became instant hit with activeCollab community.

Link: ActiveCollab Gitolite

Few more products

We added premium modules like WooCommerce-GitLab Addon and Wufoo-to-Gravity Forms Importer in our store.

We have also created few more WooCommerce addons, which are awaiting release. Our WooCommerce team has delivered quality WooCommerce customization & integration projects (some (woo) portfolio samples).

WordPress Themes & Solutions

WordPress theme design and development service is one of our strongholds and we take pride working as web & development partners with our clients.

In 2013 we delivered over 200 WordPress themes as pure development work and around 75 WordPress Themes with design solutions, all built over our in-house WordPress framework rtPanel. To give a perspective, that’s over 2 million lines of codes, 40,000 QA & QC checks, 2000 templates and around 500 designs.

We got opportunity to work with leaders and trendsetters across various business verticals. This includes Geometric Global, Rotimatic (subsidiary of Zimplistic INC) and

We are currently working on huge WordPress & WooCommerce based web apps and plugins projects,  which fully leverages WordPress’ CMS capability.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of sharing upto 20% of product sale value and 5% of a service based deliverable, worked out nicely in financial year 2013-14 also.

In last financial year, rtCamp paid out USD 4123 as affiliate commission. We have already surpassed that number in this year.

Link: rtCamp’s Affiliate Program

What’s Next in 2014?

We see 2014 as the year of endless opportunities. Our products teams are going all guns blazing to add more and more features to our products. With constant technology reinforcements, all our services and research teams too are fully braced to produce top-notch WordPress themes and Nginx solutions.

We thank all our clients, affiliates and partners for their support and trust. We promise to be more agile, more creative and bring more novel ideas to the table. Cheers!!

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