WordPress 3.7 is out, with contribution by a rtCamper!

It’s Faishal again.

Sorry couldn’t hold my excitement any longer! 🙂

wordpress 3.7 contribution

Faishal contributed patch for this core bug in WordPress.

I hope to see more rtCamper’s contributing to WordPress as well as other open source projects. 🙂

Congrats Faishal. Thanks for making rtCamp proud again. 🙂

News: WordPress 3.7 release post


  1. Vinod Dalvi Avatar

    Congrats Faishal … !!!!

    1. Faishal Saiyed Avatar
      Faishal Saiyed

      Thank you again Vinod 🙂

  2. prakashbhande Avatar

    Heartiest congratulations Faishal…!!!
    Keep the spirit up 🙂

    1. Faishal Saiyed Avatar
      Faishal Saiyed

      Thank you prakash sir.

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