Nginx, webserver of our choice, managed to become #1 (finally) for top-1000 sites. Congrats to Igor and entire Nginx team. 🙂

I used word finally, because Nginx deserves this and much more  from long time!

Nginx is used by 349 of top 1000 sites as per w3techs report. Below is screenshot of market share of Nginx, Apache & IIS as of 3 July 2013.


We switched to Nginx back in 2009. It was a tough decision then but proved good. We were experiencing frequent crashes on $100/month Apache plan. After switching to Nginx, on $40/month plan, we managed to handle 2-3 time more traffic throughout 2010.

Based on our last 4-years experience, we have created a series of tutorials for everyone interested in moving their WordPress sites to Nginx.

It’s never late to move to Nginx. Its the future and we have a time-machine to help you reach there without any hurdles.

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