Earlier today, WordPress version 4.5 “Coleman” was released. This version is named in honour of the a jazz artist Coleman Hawkins. WordPress 4.5 has many new interesting features like Inline linking, Live responsive previews, custom logos, smart image resizing and more.

You can read more about WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” at it official release post.

rtCampers contributing to core

With version 4.5, we have 4 rtCampers who made it to the list as contributors!

Congratulations to Chandrakumar Patel, Juhi Saxena, Ritesh Patel and Utkarsh Patel for contributing code to WordPress core.

Contributing code to WordPress core has been a practice encouraged at rtCamp for a long time. Along with contributing code, many rtCampers are involved in other ways within the WordPress eco-system.

You can read about our WordPress contributions here.

Also congratulations to some of our old ex-rtCampers who also are on the contributors list.

Compatibility with WordPress 4.5

We have tested our plugins and themes with WordPress 4.5 and they all play well with the new version. In case you have any questions or concerns feel free to raise a support ticket for your purchased product.

Link: WordPress 4.5 Release Post | rtCamp’s WordPress Contributions