First Local WordPress Meetup in Office Hours

We have been part of Pune local WordPress meetup group from day #1 and hosted many meetups at our office. But today we hosted the first meetup during office hours in response to this post by Petya.

Usually, we would have used an upcoming long weekend to host such a meetup but from long time I wanted to do an experiment.

Some people don’t turn up at weekend meetups, so I wanted to see if they would contribute if an opportunity comes during their working hours.

Also, there is a deadline of August 15 for video translation, so we wanted to keep enough buffer time. So if we could not finish video captioning today, we could do it on weekend ourselves.

As expected most rtCampers, to be exact 29, attended today’s meetup. Also, they were joined by Ankit Gupta and Swapnil Patil; both helped many first time contributors.

So with team of 31 contributors in almost 3 hours sprint we managed to complete video subtitles in three languages:

Apart from above goal, we also completed WordPress 4.6 translation for Hindi and Marathi languages.

There were many new strings added to Hindi, but as we had some participants who only speak Hindi and English, they used their free time to translate Hindi strings.

I wish we could have finished Gujarati translation also, but it still needs a lot more work. We made decent progress by translating almost 10% strings i.e. approximately 500 strings. Maybe we will finish Gujarati translation in next meetup.

The thing I liked most that not only developers but people from different discipline contributed today, such as designers, support team, QA testers, project managers, sales & marketing people and even HR team.

For some people, this was the first experience of contributing back and the happiness was clearly visible on their faces. 🙂

I believe individuals who participated today will keep doing same going ahead.

I noticed that sometimes people are eager to contribute back, but they are clueless as where to start! (and also don’t want to start on weekend 🤔 )

Below are some pics from meetup! 🙂


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