ac_gitolite2.pngWe have released a new minor version of activeCollab-Gitolite module – version 1.3.8.

In this version we have made it compatible with activeCollab 4.0.7. This is more like maintenance release but can be used in activeCollab-3 as well activeCollab-4.

If you are already using our activeCollab-Gitolite module and if you wish to upgrade to activeCollab-4, you an download updated gitolite module from My Account section.

ActiveCollab-Gitolite is a module that allows you to create git repositories directly from ActiveCollab. It has been updated with several features over time. The 1.3 version introduced support for remote Gitolite servers, webhooks, and the ability to clone repositories from GitHub and Bitbucket. This module has been continually updated for compatibility with the latest versions of ActiveCollab.

Links: Download activeCollab-Gitolite 1.3.8 | Buy activeCollab-Gitolite now

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