rtCamp newsletter for November 2023


WordPress 6.4, also known as “Shirley,” is here, marking the 29th consecutive release that rtCampers have contributed to. The release came with a new default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four, just in time for the new year. WordPress 6.4 refines and expands features for image blocks, editorial workflows, patterns, the command palette, and accessibility.

We recently released Frappe-Manager, a command-line tool to easily create and manage local Frappe installations. This open source tool uses Docker containers for isolated environments and includes features like Bench shell access, on-disk installation for code modification, MailHog for email capture, and Adminer for database management. 

In line with our Vision 500 goals, we are building Frappe apps for each department and moving entire operations to ERPNext. We hope Frappe-Manager will be helpful for the larger open source and Frappe community. 

In other news, our colleague at rtCamp, Krupa Nanda, will be speaking on “Return to the Workforce after an Extended Career Break” at WordCamp Ahmedabad on December 9. 

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