Google’s G Suite brings email, archival storage, collaborative document creation and more to over 6 million organizations. This week, we released Log in with Google — a simple, open-source and free plugin that extends G Suite’s single sign-on capability to any WordPress website.

We hope this plugin helps remove a point of friction for organizations adopting WordPress. Log in with Google and setup instructions are available in the WordPress plugin repository. Full release post here.

(Update: In the time after we released the plugin, Google has rebranded G Suite. Now called “Google Workspace”, the update introduces some cosmetic updates and integrations between Google’s different services.)


Events 🗓️

Insights 🔮

  • A proposal by the WordPress Mobile Team recommends dual licensing of Gutenberg under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL v2) and the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL v2.0). Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress has supported the proposal as this would allow Gutenberg the opportunity to become a cross-CMS standard. We welcome this new proposal and are excited about it.
  • Codecov compiled a list of the most popular and most used GitHub actions. It was nice to see rtCamp’s Slack Notify action catch a mention. This GitHub action is useful for anyone who wants a quick way to be notified of specific activities on GitHub on their Slack.

News from Around the Web 📢

  • Google released its Web Stories for WordPress plugin to increase user engagement on mobile WordPress sites through visual storytelling. The tool has an intuitive and polished visual editor to allow users to easily create web Stories.
  • Web hosting giant GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) recently acquired SkyVerge- the company behind some of the most popular WooCommerce extensions and the parent company of, a marketing tool for WooCommerce and Shopify. Fun fact: WooCommerce is used by over 800,000 WordPress websites and powers over 28% of all online stores.
  • Github announced the release of GitHub CLI 1.0, which aims to simplify GitHub workflows by offering users the ability to interact with repositories from the terminal itself.
  • As a move towards racial inclusion and in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the default branch name for new Github repositories has been renamed from Master to Main. It is nice to see that the Git project itself is also moving that way.
  • Apple recently launched its online store in India, and buyers can now order customized Mac devices. Did you know rtCamp has an Employee Purchase Benefits Policy that offers up to $1000 discount on Mac devices?

A list of some interesting articles that rtCampers shared on our internal Slack.

That’s all for September, see you next month! 👋

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