Monthly Roundup – September 2023

rtCamp newsletter for September 2023


If you have been wondering about the buzz around Privacy Sandbox, we now have a dedicated page on our website to give you a quick walkthrough. Privacy Sandbox is an industry-wide effort led by Google to improve user privacy on the web and on mobile. It does this by limiting the use of third-party cookies and providing privacy-friendly alternatives. 

rtCamp had the opportunity to work with Google to build the Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT) to help understand the impact of Privacy Sandbox on your website and make the required changes in time. 

You can now download PSAT from GitHub (Chrome Web Store listing is in progress) or just send your interest to get a free privacy audit by our team. We are currently offering free audits to all the websites, not just WordPress websites!

Early next month, our CEO, Rahul Bansal will talk about the future of Content Management Systems (CMS) integrated with AI at the International News Media Association’s Future Technology and AI-Led Study Tour in New Delhi. Furthermore, he will discuss how publishers can leverage AI for content creation, community moderation, SEO, and accessibility, fully integrated with WordPress. You can gain access to valuable insights from Rahul and numerous other speakers by registering for this closed-door event. 

In one of our recent blog posts, we shared the benefits of staff augmentation, how it is different from managed services, and when is the right time to use it. 

Last month, we made our debut at the Frappeverse conference in Mumbai and got to experience the excitement around open-source ERP solutions. 

WordPress News Snippets

  • WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy discusses the role WordPress Enterprise plays along with the WordPress community in Episode 62 of the WP Briefing podcast.
  • WordPress launched version 1.0.0 of the ActivityPub plugin, enabling users to connect their site to other social media platforms. Users can attract followers, deliver updates, and also receive replies from followers on federated platforms.
  • WordPress opened its 2023 Annual Survey. This survey, open for five weeks, aims to gather valuable feedback from users, site builders, extenders, and contributors. The result will be published in December, and insights gained will help shape the future of WordPress.
  • The team of WordPress plugin reviewers has provided an update on their efforts to reduce the number of plugins waiting to be reviewed. They introduced new team members, self-reviews, and the Plugin Check plugin (PCP) to help with the process. 

From Around the Web

  • GitHub announced the general availability of passkeys for all users. And it comes enabled with cross-device registration. 
  • Software delivery platform Harness launched an open-source git repository engine, Gitness. It is significantly lighter than the platforms traditionally used by developers to build complex applications. Gitness provides collaboration, performance, analytics, and security capabilities in a streamlined manner.
  • Spotify pilots its AI-powered voice translation feature that enables users to listen to certain podcasts in a different language, but in the speaker’s own voice! This aims to make podcasts more accessible and inclusive by breaking the language barrier.
  • Tim Brown shares his insights about asking better questions and applying experience to get more creative solutions for businesses. 

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