nginx-helper-10000rtCamp’s little-known plugin Nginx-Helper crossed 10,000 downloads last week.

Nginx-Helper plugin was originally developed to automate Nginx Map creation for WordPress Multisites. Over time we added few features and then it thrived on community contributions. As of today, Nginx-Helper has 5 contributors:

If you have modified Nginx-Helper locally to meet your particular needs, do consider sending a pull-request on Github.

Nginx-Helper is today part of every WordPress-Nginx site we are managing.

We have plan to add some nice features, as soon as Saurabh Shukla gets free from BuddyPress-Media project. One interesting feature would be to check if caching is configured properly as per this checklist.

Thanks all for downloads, 5-star reviews and pull-requests. 🙂

Links: Nginx Helper | WordPress-Nginx Tutorials


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