Our experience at WordCamp Nagpur


WordCamp Nagpur took place last week and rtCampers Imran Sayed and Radhakrishnan Mudliar attended the event. Imran was also a speaker at the event and here is his experience. 🙂

It was a joyful experience for me and it was also the first time I traveled to Nagpur. From the time I was announced as a speaker, traveling to Nagpur, and coming back home, the entire experience has been smooth and gainful. ✈️

I also had the opportunity to attend the networking event the day before the WordCamp.

The Networking Event 👋

The networking event took place at the MIA Centre For Sports & Recreation, which was also the venue for the next day’s WordCamp event.

It was my first networking event that I attended and I must say it was superb. I got to meet many people from different technical streams. I was an early bird to the event and was greeted by the host. As a rtCamper, it was a proud feeling when people approached me and said “Hey so you are from rtCamp. Well, we are using EasyEngine and it’s amazing”. 😇

I met some awesome folks from the WordPress community including Rajan Vijayan (Software Engineer at DCKAP), Srishty Sharon (Content Writer from Nagpur) and Taj Siddique (SEO Consultant from Nagpur) who were also the speakers for the next day event. 🤝

Carrying my new DSLR camera woke the inner photographer inside me and I captured many moments from the event. The event concluded with a fun activity and dinner which was delicious and filling. 🍽️

At the WordCamp 🎤

It was an amazing experience to meet new people at the event. The talk on SEO by Taj Siddique was quite insightful. I felt great speaking on Gutenberg with such an enthusiastic crowd. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and working experience with Gutenberg. You can watch my talk below and also check out my slides here.

Local travel in the city 🚕

I explored the city and tried the food from the famous Savji restaurant with Radhakrishnan Mudliar, Director of IT at rtCamp, and two more WordCamp attendees. Soon we realized that there were many Savji restaurants in the city and it was hard to decide which one to pick. The ride in the local rickshaw was fun while we finally decided to pick one Savji as per the Google ratings and had our lunch. ⌚


Overall it was a great experience. I would like to thank the WordCamp Organizers and volunteers for making the event so wonderful and allowing me to share my knowledge on WordPress and React. I feel blessed to work for a company that takes care of its employees so well, and the WordPress community that has so much to offer. 🤗

Hoping to be a part of WordCamp Nagpur in the coming years too.

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