Update: Our design has been changed since writing this article. If you like to see old design, you can watch this video.

Recently I came across this service – GTMetrix. It is an online service which analyze performance of webpages using YSlow and Page Speed.

I instantly checked our homepage, and it ranked extremely well. Usually, a layman consider our homepage “heavy” as it looks like “flash” (in their words) 😀

Anyways, out of curiosity, I compared our homepage with one of most lightweight page on Internet – Google.com! I found we were very close in both – Yahoo’s YSlow as well as Google’s Page Speed metrics.

After less than an hour’s hard work and some more tweaking – we finally managed to beat Google in both – YSlow as well as Page Speed grades. Yeppy!

(click on following image to open full-size version of the same)