rtMedia-PRO 2.1 with Better Bulk Media Management and “Likes” Tab on Profile

Today, we are releasing rtMedia-PRO 2.1 with two new features i.e. bulk media management and “Like” tab on user profile

Bulk Media Management

This is actually a major revamp to an existing feature.

Now users don’t need to visit the “edit album” page to manage media in bulk mode.

A new drop down option “Bulk edit” added under “Options” to ease the bulk editing of media.

User can select media and apply any of the available actions like move, delete and change privacy of the media.

User can move media to the avalible albums

and can also change privacy if admin had allowed user to select the media privacy during upload.

“Likes” Tab on BuddyPress User Profiles

Now all media liked by a user can be seen on new “Likes” tab on added under BuddyPress Profile.

To avail this feature, admin has to first enable this functionality from rtMedia admin settings named “Enable user’s liked media page” under “Other Settings”


If you are an existing rtMedia-PRO user, you can upgrade to rtMedia-PRO with just one-click from your WordPress Dashboard. At all times, you can download latest copy of your purchase from my-accounts section.

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO, you can upgrade now.

Links: rtMedia-PRO | Support Forum

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      Just for info: rtMedia-PRO already have attachment support for wordpress blog posts comments.

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