Hello Folks.

Now, tweaking rtPanel will be even more easier. As we have released a child theme with rtPanel.

What is Child Theme :

Child themes inherits the functionality of parent theme (rtPanel). You can tweak the child themes without touching the codes of core theme framework.

Why to use Child theme:

  • We are providing child themes with a limited set of required files. So that you can concentrate more on visual appeal and functionality.
  • The parent theme comes with multiple set of files, which are not needed while theme development or which may consume more time and efforts. The child theme overcomes this issues. The philosophy of Do More, Write Less fits perfect here. 🙂
  • You can have multiple child themes, so that you can switch between the themes to have different layouts and color combination frequently. 😉
  • As now you will be tweaking the child theme, the codes of parent theme will remain intact.
  • The child theme will not break while regular rtPanel updates.

For any technical questions and queries, please visit our Support Forum. Play around the child theme and come-up with new and exciting designs. You can submit your designs to us, the best designs will be showcased in ‘Theme Showcase’ section of our website.

Download rtPanel Child theme


  1. This theme is exactly what i needed. 🙂 Thanks!

    Question: How do i go about changing the default Navigation Page links to Categories?

    1. Nice suggestion Puneet. Thanks.

      Do put in your observations / suggestions after trying out child theme.

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