WooCommerceBuiltWith, widely trusted for their trend analysis, released their latest report earlier today on eCommerce trends http://builtwith.com/ecommerce/.

The report suggests among all the global shopping cart technologies, WooCommerce is now the most used eCommerce platform.

eCommerce Websites Sales Trends

A WordPress plugin surpassing established platforms like Magento and Zencart is a big achievement for entire WordPress community and of-course WooThemes.

Congratulations to WooNinjas and all WooCommerce contributors. 🙂

Top 5 ecommerce platform

Here is list of top 5 ecommerce platform in terms of percentage share

  1. WooCommerce (10.30%)
  2. Magento (9.89%)
  3. ZenCart (9.83%)
  4. OpenCart (8.93%)
  5. Custom Cart (5.84%)

rtCamp & WooCommerce

We use WooCommerce to run our own store and our clients’ store.

Not only we provide WooCommerce customization services, we have also developed WooCommerce Addons.

So being deeply associated with WooCommerce at multiple levels, this calls for celebration @rtCamp! 😉

Links: WooCommerce | BuiltWith Report | rtCamp’s WooCommerce customization service