rtCamp and Digital River have combined forces to create a new WooCommerce integration, connecting DR’s international merchant of record (MoR) service to open source ecommerce stores everywhere.

The plugin is part of a complete direct-to-consumer (D2C) package offered by rtCamp, in collaboration with DigitalRiver and WordPress VIP. 

With pre-established local acquirers and legal entities to support businesses in over 240 countries and territories, Digital River will accelerate your time to market and ignite global sales by working behind the scenes to process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, and shield you from regulatory risk. Combined with the design and code control you get with WordPress hosted on VIP’s platform, this package provides businesses with a flexible & scalable solution for seamless online buying experiences, internationally.

Very excited to spotlight the first product launching as part of Digital River's Partner Integration Program! Click through to read how our new integration can simplify and accelerate your global expansion.

Many thanks to our partner rtCamp and the rest of the Digital River team for another great launch.

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rtCamp is a DigitalRiver WooCommerce integration partner and WordPress VIP Gold Agency partner. Contact us to build a D2C channel that fits your needs now, and has room to grow into your future.

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