wordcamp-singapore-2016WordCamp Singapore 2016

I recently attended WordCamp Singapore with my business partner Vivek Jain. I have posted the diary of my entire trip on my personal blog.

I was also one of the speakers at WordCamp Singapore.

This is the first time I choose a business-related topic rather than technology-related topics. Surprisingly, the session went very well. Much better than I expected. 😀

Below are the slides from my session. There is not much in slides as I wanted to have an interactive session. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here in the comment or catch me on social media. I would be happy to answer/discuss stuff.

wordcamp-bhopal-2016WordCamp Bhopal 2016

I will be speaking on the similar topic again at WordCamp Bhopal. Only with tons of localization and in Hinglish (Hindi + English mix).

So if you are interested in this topic, you can catch me at WordCamp Bhopal as well.

Apart from me, four more rtCampers are coming to attend WordCamp Bhopal. We all will be reaching Bhopal in the morning and will be leaving same night.

You can catch us all at our sponsor’s desk. 🖥️