Another WordPress release with contribution from rtCamper!

This time it’s rtCamp’s one of oldest developer, now project manager, Joshua Abenazer. 🙂

Click here for trac link for the accepted patch #26052.

rtCamp would also like to congratulate Ankit Gade, old rtCamper! 🙂


WordPress 3.8 is a significant update that includes contributions from 170 individuals, led by Matt Mullenweg. This is the second version to incorporate features initially developed as plugins, a strategy that has accelerated the pace of major releases and increased the amount of functionality included in each one. The success of 3.8 attests to the effectiveness of this approach.

The new default theme, Twenty Fourteen, is designed for magazine-style sites. It offers the option to showcase featured content on the homepage using either a grid or a slider. Customization is facilitated through three widget areas, and the layout can be modified with two-page templates – one for full-width pages and another to spotlight contributing authors.

The theme management screen has been revamped with functionality originally developed for the THX plugin. This allows for easy browsing of installed themes, with larger thumbnails and detailed information readily available.

Managing widgets has been simplified to accommodate various screen sizes and designs. On large monitors, multiple widget areas effectively utilize the available space. Tablet users can add widgets with a simple tap.

The most noticeable change in WP 3.8 is the new admin design. The default dark color scheme can be swapped for one of eight alternatives, with the potential for more to be added in the future. The bold yet clean design, improved contrast, and new typeface (Open Sans) result in an admin area that is user-friendly on both large desktop screens and smaller mobile devices.

In response to the growing use of tablets and other mobile devices, WordPress has become responsive. Vector images are used to ensure quick loading and proper scaling to the screen size.

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