Staff Augmentation

Dedicated WordPress, React, and QA engineers, ready to work on your projects on-demand.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Why Staff Augmentation?

  • Expand your current team fast and on a schedule
  • Fix talent gaps in your project’s changing needs
  • Reduce overhead of hiring, training, and leadership costs
  • Self-reliance by getting trained and leveling up

rtCamp is a WP VIP focussed firm who helped us to reach our goal by consulting, mentoring and motivating the team. Their support helped us to convert Sun team newbie WP developers to WP core contributors who wrote patches for core WordPress..

Rajan Parshuram, Co- Founder & Managing Director, News Technology Services

Something for every need

We have worked with businesses across geography, size, and industries. Below are some common client segments we have.

Large Publishers

You are a publishing house where WordPress powers your digital identity. From time to time you need extra hands to support varying needs.

IT Services Provider

You are a larger IT consulting firm catering to multiple verticals but new to WordPress. Help us complement your offering.

Product Companies

You are a WordPress or Saas product company that needs dedicated engineers to support your roadmap.

Flexible Engagements

You can count on us for all your staffing needs.

Technology Choices

We maintain a large pool of WordPress, React, Nodejs, and Quality Assurance engineers. Further, you can choose between full-stack or specialist based on your needs.

Right Skill

As much as underskilled employees hurt quality, over-skilled engineers can hurt the budget. We have three grades of engineers right skilled for varying complexity.

Flexible Duration

The minimum engagement we offer is one month. No long duration contract. Of course, longer durations can get you better pricing.

Why rtCamp is well suited for your needs

  • Our engineers are familiar with a distributed workforce.
  • Our internal training centre ensures quality and up skilling.
  • You will get team members who understand the time sensitive, critical and agile nature of your project.
  • Experts with core contributions to WordPress over the past 23 releases (6 years).
rtCamp Globally Distributed Company

How it works

1. Gather Requirements

Our Account Manager works with you to gather requirements for your specific needs & desired business outcomes.

2. Candidate Shortlist

We shortlist a balanced team from our pool of engineering talent based on expertise areas & team roles.

3. Interview & Selection

Facilitated by our Account Manager, you interview the shortlisted talent to ensure culture & technical fit.

4. Begin Shipping Code!

We sign a transparent contract. Our onboarded team starts contributing immediately toward your business outcomes.

What we bring to the table

Skilled Engineers

Whether you are looking for a Front-end or back-end WordPress Engineer, React developers and QA specialists, rtCamp is equipped with solid engineering experience.

Zero Training

Our engineers gain experience and our in-house training and mentoring help with the latest in software development best practices, tools and code reviews to focus on delivering timely results.

100% Distributed

rtCamp is a 100% distributed workforce that’s well-versed in project management software and tools for work. We offer have a few hours’ daily overlap with teams located anywhere in the world.

Future Requirements

Your Account Manager will schedule feedback loops, ensure regular check-ins and help you navigate on-demand scalability, scalability and challenges.


Al Jazeera used rtCamp to provide surge staffing for some critical, time-sensitive internal projects. The high-quality engineers they provided us integrated quickly with our agile processes & have since proven to be among the most productive members of the team.

David Hostetter, CTO & Board Advisor, Al Jazeera Media Network


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