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Open-Source Innovation

Committed to excellence and integrity, rtCamp offers more than just open-source expertise – we offer unwavering partnership in your technological journey.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Influence

Rooted in a passion for open source, rtCamp began as a blog network in the mid-2000s, evolving into a globally recognized VIP Gold Agency. Officially incorporated in 2009, we committed ourselves to engineering excellence, anchored by WordPress expertise and a detail-oriented approach.

Our growth in the design and development world is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and collaborative client relationships. In an industry where trust is paramount, we’ve distinguished ourselves as a true partner, with clients valuing our open-source dedication and transparent problem-solving.

As contributors to 30 consecutive WordPress Core releases, our influence stretches beyond client work – we lead, mentor, and innovate within the community. Our clients’ loyalty, carrying us with them through their career progression, speaks volumes of the trust and respect we foster.

Looking ahead, rtCamp remains steadfast in our promise: to be the partner that not only solves problems but propels our clients toward success. 

WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner

As WordPress VIP Gold Partners, we are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world for enterprise-grade web solutions. We are proud to be part of the global open-source community, having contributed code to each of the past 29 WordPress releases, organizing and speaking at tens of conferences.

Why rtCamp?

Choosing rtCamp means opting for a partner who brings WordPress and a legacy of trust, quality, and innovation.

Trusted Partnerships

At rtCamp, we redefine the agency-client relationship. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect, ensuring that we work alongside you, not just for you. Clients choose us because they value a partner who commits deeply, advocates openly, and engages transparently.

Open Source Advocacy

Our heart beats for open source. With a rich history of contributions to the WordPress community, rtCamp is all about enhancing and expanding open source technologies.

Engineering Prowess

Our reputation as a leader in the WordPress domain is built upon a bedrock of technical excellence. The rtCamp team consists of engineers who are more than just skilled – they’re artisans of code, crafting solutions that are as robust as they are elegant.

Commitment to Quality

Quality isn’t just a buzzword at rtCamp; it’s the essence of our delivery model. From the smallest code snippet to the overarching project architecture, our unwavering attention to detail ensures that quality permeates every aspect of our work.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Your organization is unique, and so are your challenges. rtCamp excels in customizing solutions that respect your needs, constraints, and objectives.

Unwavering Support and Continuity

We stand by our work and our clients, offering continuity that guarantees the sustainability and the evolution of your digital assets.

Ready Logistics

rtCamp was pivotal in modernizing the website for Ready Logistics, ultimately resulting in a better user experience for our clients and greater accessibility for our internal users to manage the website. Their expertise guided along during the process to ensure that we were optimizing the website for performance, updating the theme to improve user engagement, refining our backend lead generation workflow, as well as aligning our tech stack supporting the site with the rest of our solutions groups.

Lucas Collis
Lucas Collis, Managing Director, Ready Logistics

Our Team

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We ❤️ Open Source

Open source is not just our ethical and philosophical lodestar, but also central to our business interests.

WP Core Contributions

Consecutively since the last 23 WordPress core releases. We love WordPress and know it inside out.

Speaking & Mentoring

Organize and speak at WordCamps and industry conferences across the globe.

Organizing Events

We frequently organize and speak at WordCamps and industry conferences across the globe.


Sponsoring events and projects in open source communities.

Open Source Projects

Build and release into open-source multiple projects throughout the year.

Workshops & Training

Get new people into the WordPress community with workshops and training