Bringing Back Open Campus

Almost a year back from today, we did a pilot of our new campus hiring process called the Express Campus Hiring program. Let’s start with a quick update on that – it was a hit! 🥳

Starting with a pilot of 6 colleges, we managed to cover a total of 49 colleges since then, receiving a tremendous response from students.

We made multiple iterations throughout our journey to this new process and have now come down to one which gives us the best conversion rate:
Apply → Shortlist (using our algorithm) → Interview

However, keeping in mind the response we received, we have now decided to combine our hiring process along with our very first campus process, which will enable us to reach out to a lot more colleges than the ones already present in our database. Revival of the Open Campus Hiring program.

What is the Open Campus Program?

There are thousands of colleges across India and despite our best efforts, we humbly accept that we won’t be able to reach all of them. At present, we have a database of ~300 colleges which we have reached out to in the past or have conducted our process in. However, we would like to be able to extend this chance to as many students as possible.

The Open Campus Program will do just that. Under the Open Campus Program, students from all over the country will be able to register for rtCamp’s hiring process using their GitHub accounts regardless of whether their college is in our database or not. The same process of Express Campus Hiring will be applicable for students registering under the Open Campus Program, and this will be an ongoing process that will not have a deadline.

What happens to the Normal Campus Program?

It remains as is. For colleges with which we have been associated with in the past, their process will remain intact.

Our HR Team has already started reaching out to the colleges in our database, and the hiring process for them will remain the same.

The Open Campus Program will run parallel to the Normal Campus Program.

The training for students hired from both these processes will be done remotely, and the same perks/benefits will be applicable to students hired from these processes.

Where can I apply for rtCamp’s Open Campus Program?

Students can register for rtCamp’s Open Campus Program using their GitHub account via the link below:
rtcamp campus

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