Restructuring our campus recruitment program

Last month, we set out on our biggest campus hiring drive yet and introduced a new Express Campus Hiring program.

The idea behind the Express Campus was to eliminate the need for a programming assignment to reduce both applicants’ and our time commitment.


Compared to our earlier campus hiring program, for sake of simplicity, let’s call it the “Assignment-Based Campus Program”, the new “Express Campus Program” has yielded much better conversion.

In the first phase of our Express Campus Hiring – we visited 6 institutes, where 1064 students took our Web Development Fundamental MCQ Quiz, out of which 216 qualified for a technical interview. We offered jobs to 11 applicants, who will join our next training batch, starting on Jan 2, 2023.

So through “Express Campus”, we could find 11 people in five days. Compared to the previous “Assignment-Based Campus Program”, which yielded zero hires in the last 6 months after 4000+ students have been through the pipeline. We speculated about reasons for poor conversion, based on which we developed the “Express Campus” program. Safe to say, it’s been working so far. 🤞

To double down on our “Express Campus”, we have to hit the pause on the “Assignment-Based Campus Program”. Likewise, since all interaction with students will happen via the training & placement office (TPO), we are taking down our publicly available quiz. The quiz will still act as the first filter but will only be accessible via special links shared via TPOs.

We hope this change is temporary. But for now, it means unless you are a student of 200+ colleges that are already part of our network, you might miss the opportunity to join rtCamp’s training program for January 2023 and July 2023 batches. But you still have time to request your training and placement office to enroll in our campus network.

Already started with the assignment?

If you have recently passed our web dev quiz and started working on assignments via GitHub classroom, we encourage you to move forward with the assignment.

We will be keeping the assignment submission form open until Dec 20, 2023. It gives you more than a month to complete the assignment.


We expect this change to be temporary and bring the “Assignment-Based Campus Program” back with some major changes that will reduce time commitment for all of us from the current 40-60 hours down to 4-8 hours.

We are also exploring alternative mechanisms through which we can consider your existing work on PHP projects removing the need for a separate assignment. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any timelines at the moment.

We encourage students to sign up for our campus newsletter to keep receiving updates, news, and other content related to careers in WordPress & our hiring drives.

Link: Campus Recruitment Program

(Featured image courtesy of Cytonn Photography on Unsplash)

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