Our EasyEngine project now has a dedicated website

At rtCamp we have many products that are WordPress plugins and themes. Along with that we also have EasyEngine which is a server management tool that makes using WordPress on Nginx easy. Having such a wide variety of products so different in size, scope and technology at a single place was getting difficult.

Hence over the past couple of months, the EasyEngine team started working on a new dedicated website, EasyEngine.io for the project.

What has changed!

The project now has a dedicated website but we have also moved some other sections to EasyEngine.io from this website. Here is a list of them.

  1. https://rtcamp.com/easyengine/ redirects to new site https://easyengine.io/
  2. http://docs.rtcamp.com/easyengine/ redirects to https://easyengine.io/docs
  3. The WordPress-Nginx section also has been moved to https://easyengine.io/services/
  4. New Github Org. https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine redirects to https://github.com/easyengine/easyengine
  5. New mailing list. Old subscribers from rtcamp.com have already been moved.
  6. Social media profiles – Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Read more about the new website at this dedicated blog for EasyEngine.

The new website will allow us to manage the project and also serve the users in the future in a more focused and an integrated way.

Link: EasyEngine.io | EasyEngine.io announcement

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