Today, we are happy to be releasing an extension for the ever-popular Edit Flow plugin. This simple little plugin to a plugin (plugin-ception, anyone? 😀) allows teams to keep track of editorial comments via Slack.

Story time!

Last year, we launched, our internally developed (and completely free!) training program for WordPress. Since training programs are ever-evolving, we have a lot of editorial comments on several pages across the website.

While Edit Flow has email notification, bringing the comments into Slack allows us to use threaded conversations to hammer our finer details right within our team channels. We find this so much cleaner than email threads, especially for longer conversations. 🤓

How to set it up

Setup couldn’t be simpler, really. All you have to do is install Edit Flow Slack Integration on your website, configure an incoming webhook for your team’s Slack channel and add it into the singular setting field that the plugin adds (Settings > General > Edit Flow Slack Webhook).

Once this is done, you will find a new field in the Editorial Comments section of Edit Flow, which allows you to notify any WordPress user on your website via Slack.

Ta-da! 🎉

Want to contribute? 💻

Refer to the contribution workflow mentioned in this README. Props to Chandra, Bhumi and Sagar for their contributions to v0.1.

Link: Plugin repo