Finally, after a long wait, we are ready to power your WordPress blog/site with Nginx, a high-performance web-server used by sites like itself!

Nginx is a webserver we have been using to run our own high-traffic blog-network since November 2010. We are really surprised by its performance, uptime we have received and overall improvement in our sites’ speed.

Stumbled by Nginx’s performance gains and economics (yep, its very economical), we felt urge to help fellow-bloggers run their high-traffic sites on Nginx. One after other, we moved 5 sites to Nginx in last 6 months for friends & clients, and they all saw huge gains in their performance. They all saw huge gain in their performance as you can see from testimonials.

This is a reason we feel that more bloggers should switch to the Nginx rather than upgrading their VPS plans every month. Since Google’s official announcement saying site-speed will be considered during search-engine ranking, having a slow or frequently down site has now more reasons to worry for.

What are we doing at WpNginx

Our goals are crystal clear:

  • To offer a professional (read paid) service for bloggers/site-owners who wants to use power of Nginx for their WordPress sites but do not have technical skills or time to do it themselves.
  • To offer free technical support to geeks/techies who are exploring Nginx through our free support forum
  • To keep this blog updated with posts related to WordPress-Nginx setup, performance optimization tips and secrets we keep discovering while managing our own high-traffic sites

What we are NOT doing at WpNginx

  • Many our clients and user thought we were developing a new product here, which is not true. Shameless we are, we never contributed a single line of code to Nginx.
  • We are NOT running any new webhosting service here. We can help you get right webhosting for your Nginx setup, but all your hosting bills will be directly paid by your company.
  • We haven’t developed Nginx control panel yet. Though we are working on it, as of now we only developed bunch of command-line scripts to automate some common tasks. They are so unstable that we don’t use them on our own production server! 😉

You can read more about why we love Nginx here. Hope to cya your WordPress soon on Nginx! 😉