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We have teamed up with WordPress VIP to help businesses navigate the ongoing third-party cookie phaseout. You get a complementary website audit using the Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT) we built with Google. To understand your current third-party cookie usage, and adapt your site for a smooth transition to the emerging privacy landscape, you can sign-up on WordPress VIP or rtCamp.

We just came back from this year’s WordCamp Asia at Taipei, Taiwan. Our CEO, Rahul Bansal participated in a panel on “How WordPress can better serve the needs of Enterprise“. Watch the interesting discussion, as our CEO highlights how growth of composable solutions’ addresses the single point of failure inherent in proprietary solutions. 

Recently, we migrated FleetNet America’s website from Drupal to WordPress. The platform migration improved their Core Web Vitals by almost 2x! We kept their design and SEO intact, with a streamlined publishing workflow. Read more about this migration project in our latest case study.

Our migration services help you move to WordPress from any other CMS. We tailor the migration process to your specific needs and business goals.

WordPress News Snippets

  • The 2023 WordPress Annual Survey revealed rising Block Editor adoption (60%) and more awareness about its usage. Performance and security remain top priorities for WordPress users. The survey highlighted the need to address contributor concerns while capitalizing on the growing WordPress community.
  • WordPress joined forces with Drupal and Joomla to launch the Open Website Alliance at FOSDEM 2024. The alliance emerged from the Inter-CMS Working Group, that advocated for changes in the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act. This collaboration is crucial for the future of open web, amid growing technology regulation.
  • WordPress 6.5 will integrate the Interactivity API, a unified framework for creating interactive elements on websites. This will allow real-time updates, data sharing, and innovative features without page reloads. The Interactivity API will also improve accessibility and user experience on WordPress websites.
  • WooCommerce released versions 8.6 and 8.6.1, offering more customization, engagement, and campaign insights for store owners. Features include new styles and layouts, log file browser, besides performance improvements. 

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Upcoming Events

  • WordCamp Europe 2024 announced a collaboration with 14 media partners from across the globe. The event will be covered in six languages, to be held at Torino, Italy during 13-15 June 2024.

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