Hey everyone! 👋

As COVID continues to limit our mobility, we are seeing a surge in online events – local and international – around us. “Online” is the new default.

It’s no wonder then, this roundup is dominated by events (do we even need to specify the “online” part? 😁) 


At the tail end of last month, rtCampers Chandra and Muhammad spoke at WPCouchCon. This 100% online event (duh!) was intended for the desi demographic, focusing on designers, developers and business people in and around the WordPress ecosystem in the Indian subcontinent. 

Chandra’s talk was on WP-CLI (link to recording), while Muhammad covered Gatsby (link to recording).

And speaking of Gatsby 🤝 WordPress, rtCampers Sayed, Imran & Sagar will be hosting a remote workshop titled Gatsby with WordPress later this month. The workshop is through the official Pune WordPress community and free to join, that too from anywhere! (online event, remember?) RSVP here.


The rtMedia team has released a new version of rtMedia Social Sharing v1.1.7. This single minor release is all we could do in terms of product and open-source releases last month. 

Considering how the pandemic still dominates the narrative of our lives, May was a much busier month for our engineering and delivery teams than we expected. We hope to keep the momentum going! 🤞


When the COVID situation got real for us back in March, we made a promise not to fire anyone as a result. We could afford to make that promise because over the past 11 years, we have built a debt-free, cash-rich, and in-turn, COVID-resilient business which can afford to ride out even a global situation like this without downsizing.

Come April, we slowed down our hiring as the sales pipeline got stretched due to the cascading effect of the pandemic. However, as businesses started to get back on their feet, we went right back to onboarding new clients and doing some great work.

Due to the resilience of our engineering and delivery processes, we now find ourselves needing to ramp back up, as we onboard new and ever more exciting projects.

We are thus hiring for 10+ WordPress engineering and other positions so that we can increase our capacity to meet the demand that we are fortunate to have.

As always, all the positions are 100% remote, which means that you or someone you know could join us on our mission to build beautiful and robust enterprise-grade software from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

That’s it for May, see you next month! 

Links: Gatsby with WordPress workshop | We’re hiring!