Monthly Roundup – May 2023



On 27th May, WordPress turned 20, and we couldn’t be more excited. To commemorate the occasion, we held an inspiring Contributor’s Week, where rtCampers contributed to the WordPress Core, CLI, Support, Translations, and Openverse projects. We strive to make a meaningful impact and further strengthen the vibrant WordPress community.

We revealed our secret sauce for accessibility best practices for this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It was observed on 18 May, highlighting the importance of digital equality and inclusivity. Discover our Accessibility Checklist, developed to assist you in creating a web experience that is inclusive and accessible to all web users.

In our latest case study, we delve into how Ready Logistics achieved a remarkable 49% increase in lead generation through our consultancy and services. The project involved a design refresh, migration to WordPress VIP and Gravity Forms-Salesforce integration

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WordPress News Snippets

  • Matt Mullenweg launched the Audrey Scholars program in honor of WordPress turning 20 years old. Renewed on an annual basis, it grants 100% scholarships to deserving individuals. Get its details here.
  • WordPress’ 2022 Annual Survey found that 68% of respondents agree that WordPress is as good or better than other CMS. It was chosen due to being open source (62%), flexible (47%), low risk (45%), cost-effective (45%), and having positive reputation (41%). Check out the findings on survey’s slide deck [PDF].
  • Automattic announced the wp-now project. It is designed to quickly create a zero-config local development environment. Currently, in alpha version, it is powered by WordPress Playground and optimized for block theme development.
  • WordPress has sought feedback for the proposed Command Center feature, available as an experiment in the Gutenberg plugin. It intends to bring the search functionality to all of WP-Admin, for editors to quickly navigate and make changes. 

From Around the Web

  • At its I/O 2023 developers conference, Google unveiled ML Hub, a cloud based machine learning cluster with toolkits enabled by open-source software. 
  • Google Search will soon have a new Perspective filter. It aims to help find tips, advice, and stories shared by real people and content creators during web searches.
  • Meta shared about its Massively Multilingual Speech project, that can recognize over 4000 spoken languages. It aims to overcome communication barriers and facilitate real-time translations.

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