Both Ninja forms & Gravity forms are great plugins with great support. But we chose to use GravityForms for any form-related functionality.

Some of our clients have multiple brand websites. The different department heads managed those. They choose the plugin of their choice. Eventually, it became a headache to maintain different brand sites using different plugins for the same solution. For forms – some used Ninja Forms and some Gravity Forms. As you may have guessed, we suggested they migrate to Gravity Form.

When we started checking the brand site dashboard we were surprised to see a huge number of Ninja Forms. Manually setting up each Ninja form in Gravity form, although possible, would have taken a lot of time. Hence we built a Ninja form to Gravity form importer.
The plugin allows you to import the Ninja form (.nff file) into Gravity form. You can import one form at a time using a dropdown or can do a bulk import using the “choose files” field.

We built this considering use cases specific to our client. Both Ninja form & Gravity form has many add-ons. Our solution handles the migration of the core ninja form and provides partial support for migrating the settings for the following Ninja form add-ons:

  • Ninja Forms – File Uploads
  • Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms
  • Ninja Forms – Webhooks

Although the development took a good amount of time it definitely saved manual efforts and errors (tedious manual work is prone to errors).

We thought it might help others who want to switch/migrate from Ninja form to Gravity form and hence made our solution public –

Please feel free to contribute by raising pull requests.