After 9 years in business, we moved to our own space last week. πŸš€

We codenamed the new office project as β€œrt3”. Our earlier two offices were called rt1 & rt2.

We are extremely grateful to all rtCampers who have been part of this journey, to clients who trusted us with their work and also to all our friends, partners, and associates with their support and wishes. πŸ™

About rt3 – Our New Office

This new office was designed to address some of the problems we faced with the current infrastructure and the aspirations we had to have an office with the open work culture.

Our earlier two offices were built when we were 100% “work-from-office” company. Over the time we transitioned into a half-remote company which made it hard to do few things with our old infrastructure. The earlier space was divided into six almost equal size rooms. Making it hard to conduct company-wide meetings.

The new facility has a seating capacity of approx 90 team members, not including bean bags and sofas. With our half-remote team, we can grow from the current size of 60 to almost 200 people in this space. So we hope we won’t run into space issue anytime soon. But of course, that’s a kind of issue one would love to run into! πŸ˜‰

Besides size, the new space has some awesome collaboration tools that include writable table top, frosted glass board, a conference room for with hardware from Owl Labs & Vu Tv, and a large hall to host company-wide meetings and presentation.

Meetup Venue

The one thing we kept on top of our mind when finalizing layout was the ability to host large meetups. The new office can host a meetup of 60 attendees quite comfortably. The hall has a projector, very high-speed Internet connection and a coffee machine to keep conversations going!

We welcome all open source communities to use this space. Afterall rtCamp would not have existed without open source! πŸ€—

Some Pictures

Yesterday we hosted an office warming party! Here are some memorable clicks from the event. You can view more pictures in this Facebook album.

rt3 Cake πŸŽ‚
Our Chairman, Rajesh Bansal, embarking us on the new journey πŸš€
With our clients and well-wishers Amit and Mandhar from the HCL team. They drove all the way from other side of town to be with us! πŸ™‡
rtFriends who helped rtCamp grow over the years. πŸ™
The folks who toiled hard to get us in this office on time πŸ’ͺ
Workstation Area with an open office design 🏒
Our tagline β€œGood Work by Good People”. Credit to Daniel Bachhuber for this. πŸ‘Œ
One Big rtFamily! πŸ€—
Can we do it better? πŸ™‚
Bean Bags Area! We have one empty bean bag for you. Join us! πŸ€“
πŸ€“ Some rtCampers pretending to work! 😝
Writable table tops! Seems somebody wrote something for EasyEngine. πŸ˜‰
New rtCafe πŸ˜‹
A bunch of rtCampers! 😎


  1. Everyones dream office. It is a beauty. The Workstation Area with an open office design is just outstanding. congratulation Rahul Bansal and all the rtCampers! πŸ‘

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