2012 was a year of transformation for rtCamp. In the very beginning of the year, we moved rtPanel theme framework development to GitHub, today we have 18 public repos on GitHub. In 2011 itself we built a strong foundation for something very special, our own store with quality products for open source community.

2012 @ rtCamp in a nutshell

1. Re-design of rtCamp.com & merging of all our products

In June 2012, we re-designed our website in minimalistic way. We also merged some of our major products into our new site. The beauty of all this was ” We pulled off a site which is full of different type of landing pages without creating a single page-template”

2. WordPress-Nginx tutorial

Around September last year, we came up with comprehensive set of tutorials for WordPress-Nginx setup. These tutorials will help you right from the start to some advanced multi-site setup.

3. Launch of rtCamp store

Building our own store was pivotal in our transformation from service sector to premium product industry. We always worked on open-source products like BuddyPress Media, rtPanel & rtSocial. In addition to that, 2012 saw our entry into premium product market with launch of BuddyPress-Media FFMPEG & active collab Gitolite module (first product outside WordPress).

What else & What next?

In 2012 we also experienced a growth in our on-demand WordPress theme development services. Our services, which were mainly focussed on developing comprehensive WordPress themes entered a new dimension; where we provided end-to-end solution for our clients. From sketching wireframes to providing efficient hosting solution, to a wide range of companies.

We plan to add more products & premium themes to our store in coming months 🙂