Last week many rtCampers attended WordCamp Mumbai 2016. The event had a lot of WordPress awesomeness to take in but after Naoko Takano‘s introduction of the Wapuu mascot during her talk, had many rtCampers come back home to Pune with ‘Wapuu’ on our minds.

“Wapuu” is the mascot of WordPress community in Japan. It was created to promoted WordPress in Japan and like the software the mascot is also GPL v2. This means there are several derivatives of the Wapuu mascot, made by many for their WordCamps or community. You can read more of its origins story here.

Ganesh Kerkar who heads our design team tried his hand at creating a “Wapuu”. He came up with “Bapuu”. I think it is first Indian contribution to the Wapuu archives.


While Ganesh was busy coming up with new Wapuu versions, Saurabh Shukla who freelances for us as a WordPress trainer and hangs out most days at our office in Pune, also came up with some creative new Wapuu versions.

Wapuu ji Chaudhary 


Shikari Wapuu


and another one that says “Save the Tiger”


Last but not the least, coming back to Ganesh’s latest contribution – we now we have a rtCamp Wapuu or “R2” – which seems to have stuck on as it’s nickname.


I am sure a lot more Indianised versions of Wapuu will show up in the future. You can look up all the Wapuu versions on its archive page. If you are a designer and want to contribute one, you can send a pull request on Github.

Keep track of more Indianised versions of Wapuu, we will posting them on our Twitter feed.

Links: Wapuu Archive | Wapuu Origins | Github