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The southern states of India are known for their unique cuisine & culture, relative to the rest of the country. “South India” is a blanket term for about 5 states-  Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. The coastal city of Kochi (or Cochin), is where the next Indian WordCamp is about to kick off.

Kochi’s local WordPress community has been active for the past few years. They have been organizing MeetUps, contributing through Translation days and even attending other WordCamps throughout the country.

This has been a great few months for WordPress in India- Bhopal, Nashik & Udaipur each hosted their inaugural WordCamps. The first WordCamp is a major milestone in the history of any WP community. We wish the organizers of WCKochi the best of luck!

‘Camping in Kochi

Four of us- Vivek, Sanket, Rahul P. and myself- will be attending this WordCamp. A lot of rtCampers were interested in going to Kochi, but the distance  & travel time were the biggest deterrent.

No, the route does not have Trolls (:

Vivek will be a speaker at the event. His talk, titled “Handling Clients the Human Way” is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm (WCKochi is a single track event, in case you were wondering.)

The easiest way to find us is to come by our Sponsor’s desk. The second easiest way is to look for us in our rtBlue tees 👋

See you there!

Links: WordCamp Kochi | Session schedule 


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