What makes staff augmentation work so well for our clients?

Staff Augmentation for clients

In our previous post, we described what staff augmentation is, how it differs from managed services, and what benefits it can bring to your organization.

In this post, we’re outlining our approach to staff augmentation, to give you an idea of what you can expect if you engage our staff augmentation services. Besides outlining our approach, we’ll also help you determine if staff augmentation really is the right solution for you.

Staff augmentation  has helped our clients build new capabilities, manage unprecedented workloads, upskill their teams and improve productivity, all while reducing TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership).


Al Jazeera used rtCamp to provide surge staffing for some critical, time-sensitive internal projects. The high-quality engineers they provided us integrated quickly with our agile processes & have since proven to be among the most productive members of the team.

We put ourselves in your shoes

Once you’ve filled out the contact form, our approach starts with understanding your business. We study your market and figure out your USP. Doing our homework gives us an idea of the broader challenge in doing business in your industry.

Prepared with our research, we touch base with you for the first time. On this first touchpoint, we-

  1. Thoroughly understand your pain points, and
  2. Gauge the technical expertise of your in-house team.

Based on this, we take a call on whether staff augmentation really is a good fit for the challenge you’re trying to solve, and in case it isn’t, we explore other ways with you to figure out how we can achieve your goal.

We strategically allocate developers to create the greatest impact

Once we’ve determined that staff augmentation is the most effective way to achieve the goal, we strategically allocate developers to unlock the full potential of the project. This includes taking into account several factors such as-

  • Technical complexity of the project – We determine the level of development skills that are required to achieve the deliverables efficiently- whether it’s basic, intermediate, or advanced- and allocate developers accordingly.
  • Experience working on similar projects – Having team members who have dealt with a similar problem before is a huge advantage when trying to implement a complex solution- Their knowledge and experience speeds up the project and reduces the risk of errors. We handpick and allocate developers who have worked on similar projects.
  • Commercial feasibility of the project –  We usually deploy a combination of trained junior level engineers and mid-senior level engineers, and make adjustments along the way. For example, on technically complex projects, we start off with a lead senior engineer and team them up with juniors. The lead guides them and eventually makes them independent. This keeps the project costs in check and prevents any budget leaks.  
  • Training/leading in-house teams – In case your in-house teams require training after the project is completed, we deploy lead level resources that coach them and prepare them to handle things independently.

We’ve been very impressed with the flexibility and expertise of rtCamp’s team, who implement a wide range of website features and functionalities for us. Their work continues to add so much value to our articles and award-winning special features. We’ve also been thankful to rtCamp for consistently being available and on point for last minute projects and tasks. The team also chimes in when it’s time to optimize and improve different core components of our site, on top of juggling multiple moving parts day to day. Lastly, collaborating and communicating with the rtCamp team has been a real pleasure. I look forward to what else we can accomplish together.

We bring 15 years of experience and expertise to your project

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to create enterprise-grade web solutions. Our staff augmentation model gives you access to our full-stack WordPress developers who are- 

  • Available on-demand – To scale support and tackle unpredictable work volumes
  • Seasoned professionals – Experienced and proficient in seamlessly working with technical teams of enterprise companies across multiple industries
  • Tool-agnostic – Have first-hand experience working with widely-adopted development environments as well as project management and collaboration tools used in various industries
  • Consultative by nature – Experienced engineers who lead and guide your teams to develop secure, performant, and scalable WordPress solutions that align with your business goals
  • Available in global time zones – Can overlap their working hours with your business hours across six continents

We make the entire process frictionless

We realize that the ability to work together smoothly is essential to achieve project goals. Keeping this in mind, our entire process is-

  • Partner-focused – We have established processes that are fast and efficient. But we are flexible and open to adapt to what’s already working well for you.
  • Feedback-based – We periodically gather your feedback to track our teams’ performance. This lets us identify learning opportunities and upskill our teams, which ultimately helps us deliver consistent and quality output.
  • Risk-managed – We always have trained engineers in place as backups to tackle unexpected circumstances. This way, there is always a business continuity plan. 
  • Automated and transparent – We’ve put in place automated time-reports that are accessible by all teams. Our rates are also communicated upfront and there are no hidden costs- you only pay for the actual hours you utilize, and nothing else.
  • Optimized to Reduce TCO – Our premise is to save you the hassle of finding talent and instead allow you to focus on achieving your business goals. Our staff augmentation model is optimized to be sustainable in the long run while reducing TCO.

Is staff augmentation the right solution for you?

Staff augmentation may be the most effective solution for you if you find yourself in one or more of the scenarios below-

  • You have strong technical leadership but need a dedicated team to execute ongoing WordPress development activities
  • You have a dedicated WordPress development team, but need support with technical leadership or architecture planning
  • You have both technical leadership and a dedicated WordPress development team, but you want to fill up skill gaps within the team
  • You need ongoing guidance with the technical approach to solve a particular problem over an extended period of time
  • You are exploring staffing solutions as a means to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

If you find yourself in one or more of these scenarios, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon!


rtCamp is exceptionally dependable and is always there when we need them. Their engineers get to know our processes and codebase and become true extensions of our team, and this leads to minimal onboarding time when we need to bring in help for surges of work.


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