Multilingual Website

Any company who wishes to establish itself firmly in the international market needs to connect with its customers at a very fundamental level. You need to interact with the various communities and cultures. Your website plays a very crucial role in relaying out information. If you want to engage your target audience, make sure the information is in their regional language. This will give them a sense of belonging. Maybe you can rephrase your motto in their language too. This will put them in their ‘cultural comfort zone’.

Why Risk!

Suppose your potential client is not conversant with English, but he is trying to get information from your website. He would usually go for a translation service. He will have to struggle to make sense out of the translated information. In short, the fate of your website’s information lies in the hands of the translating service. No matter what, the service is a BOT and does not guarantee accurate translation. Maybe the client might miss out on some important information. This gives rise to miscommunication and you might lose some business. Recently, Google Translation made a huge blunder. It translated Obama into Bush. I am sure you do not want such embarrassing mistakes to happen on your website. It will put you in a fix.

Let Us Help You!

WordPress was primarily a blogging platform. With consistent and tireless efforts, it has developed to become a great Content Management System. WordPress has numerous plugins which can help you increase the productivity of your website. ‘Multilingual Plugin‘ is one of many wonders WordPress has to offer. We will install and configure the plugin in your website. This will help you post content in multiple languages. Check the screen shot below. This is to give you an idea how easy it is to add content in your favorite languages for a single post.
On the front end, the client will have an option to choose his language and feel comfortable to navigate throughout the site. You can also visit WordPress Multilingual Official site for a list of features it has to offer. You will be impressed!


Ultimately, a Multilingual website will usher in new clients. By having your site accessible to potentially thousands of people you are showcasing your company across the globe. Going that extra mile will surely help your business in today’s global village. What is your take on this?