We are joining forces with WordPress VIP, to equip enterprises with the right tooling and approaches for the upcoming Privacy Sandbox changes, and to effectively respond to privacy concerns on the web. 

The Privacy Sandbox initiative has started phasing out third-party cookies from Chrome, to prioritize user privacy, while rolling out alternatives for businesses to continue serving personalized experiences on the web.

To make sure businesses have the right tools to make the transition, Google partnered with rtCamp to develop the Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT). PSAT is a new Chrome DevTools extension with specialized capabilities to help developers deal with the deprecation of third-party cookies and get guidance on adoption of alternative APIs.

Prepare for a privacy first web with a FREE website audit.

The deprecation of third-party cookies is approaching, and it’s crucial for businesses to be ready. We’re offering a complimentary website audit using the Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool to help you understand the impact and transition smoothly.

What you get:

  • Deep dive: Identify how your website currently uses cookies and what needs to change.
  • Personalized plan: Receive specific recommendations to adapt your site and align your third-party service providers to the new privacy-focused web.
  • Expert guidance: Leverage the combined knowledge of WordPress VIP and rtCamp to navigate the evolving privacy landscape.

Claim your free audit today and ensure a seamless transition to a more private web.

As Gold Partners, together with WordPress VIP, we bring together expertise and resources to help businesses navigate digital transformations and adapt to the changing web. This collaboration is an attempt to fulfil the larger responsibility of making businesses continue to succeed on the web.