Following the big release of WordPress 5.0 over a couple of months ago, WordPress 5.1 has now hit the shelves. 🎉

A total of 561 contributors made their efforts count towards this release, out of which 231 were first-time contributors. Our love for WordPress and the urge to make it a better platform inspired 10 of our rtCampers to make noteworthy efforts towards this release.

We celebrated this new milestone by having our customary cake cutting celebration, to applaud their efforts.👋 Coincidentally, we have already been in a mood for celebration as it is our 10th anniversary, next month! 🍾

It certainly looks like our new rtCampers enjoyed being a part of our WordPress contribution celebration culture and we’re intrigued to see how many of them have their names on the contributors’ list for the upcoming WordPress releases. 😉

Love WordPress and want to be a part of our next contributor’s cake cutting celebration? We’re hiring! 🤗

Link: WordPress 5.1 “Betty”