WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was released today. This version in WordPress.org tradition was named after a jazz musician, and this time the honor went to Arturo O’Farrill.

6.0  version is the 25th one in a row, where one or more rtCampers have contributed to the core.🎉

Props to Kapil, Kirtan, Lovekesh, Rakib, Pavan, Pooja, Sabbir, Shreyas and Vishal.

WordPress 6.0 Features

WordPress 6.0 ships with several new capabilities, performance improvements and over 50 updates focused specially on accessibility.

The Gutenberg block based editing experience is now expanded to full site editing. It also ships with 5 new templates.

Design tools shipped with 6.0 has more creative colour options, new border controls on the website, better list view and block locking options.

There are several more features and additions shipped with ver 6.0. You can read more about it on its release post.

Link: WordPress 6.0 Release post