Configuring HTTP/2 Server Push

Nginx introduced HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX 1.13.9. To upgrade Nginx to the latest version, 1.14.0, just run

# ee stack upgrade --nginx

You can check the version using

# nginx -v
nginx version: nginx/1.14.0 (EasyEngine)


To configure HTTP/2 Server Push, you will have to use TLS(SSL). Almost all modern browsers will only support HTTP/2 over TLS.

You need to add the http2 parameter to the listen directive.

listen 443 ssl http2;

Then you will have to add the http2_push_preload directive with the proxy_pass or fastcgi directive, on EasyEngine installation, this will be in the file /etc/nginx/common/php7.conf

fastcgi_pass php7;
http2_push_preload on;

Then reload Nginx using – nginx -t && nginx -s reload


For WordPress site, you can install this plugin – HTTP/2 Server Push. To verify the setup, you need the nghttp tool. On Ubuntu, the package containing this tool is nghttp2
Run the command

nghttp -ans

Following is the output of the command for (Truncated for brevity). If you see the asterisk (*) in the requestStart column, you know the server push is working.

sorted by 'complete'

id  responseEnd requestStart  process code size request path
 13      +1.31s        +66us    1.31s  200  15K /
  2      +1.32s *     +1.23s  87.81ms  200   4K /wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js
  6      +1.38s *     +1.23s 151.90ms  200  27K /wp-includes/css/dashicons.min.css
  8      +1.39s *     +1.23s 158.18ms  200   4K /wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache/39791-layout.css

You can read the post mentioned at the start of this article for more details on HTTP/2 Server Push

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